Our standard rate is $130 for a 50 minute session.

Yes, we offer direct billing to:

    • Autism Funding
    • Crime victims assistance program/ CVAP
    • First Nations Health Authority
    • ICBC
    • Veteran Affairs Canada

Our usual office hours are Monday to Friday 10am-7pm. Please contact us directly to book an appointment.

Every insurance plan is different. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage with Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) or Registered Social Worker.

Yes, there is free street parking directly infront of the building as well as free underground parking.

Yes, The closest skytrain station in Lougheed station. From Lougheed station we are a 12 minute bus ride away.

The pioneers of ILF (Infra-Low-Frequency) Sue and Seigfried Othmer, during 30 years of research and application developed a Neurofeedback training technique called the Othmer Method utilizing the Cygnet system. The Othmer Method of EEG Neurofeedback is a bottom up approach that sets the nervous system up to self recovery.
This is directly related to the autonomic, non volitional and self regulatory process of the brain in which the nervous systems ventures depends on information rather than instruction and it occurs in the resting state. The infra-Low-Frequency training gives our nervous system an exclusive access to simultaneous network organization of emotional regulation, autonomic regulation and of central arousal.
The frequency range in the Cygnet training system is from 60Hz to 0.00001mHz, a wide range where a variety of issues can be addressed, mainly the highly aroused nervous systems (but it can be the under aroused). By engaging the brain from a calm, passive, observatory position we show the brain its own activity through feedback. We are allowing for improved self-regulatory competence and restoration.
The ILF treats an array of conditions such as anxiety, depression, autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, strokes or brain injuries, insomnia and other sleep issues, headaches/migraines, emotional trauma, etc.
The ILF is a safe non-invasive treatment. During an hour long session, after an initial assessment of presenting life symptoms, the practitioner applies sensors to specified locations on the scalp. The sensors monitor the brains activity and shows it back to itself, as if the brain was looking at itself in the mirror, while watching a movie or other interactive images on the screen. It’s real time feedback given to the brain in 3 forms of visual, auditory and tactile feedback. As the brain begins to observe its own activity, through repetition, it begins to optimize within the desired frequency band and enhance its capacity to self-regulate.