Neurofeedback performance training teaches you relax into the music while at the same time increasing your ability to focus and attend. It will impact performance anxiety, improvisation issues and physical tension. The outcome is that you can gain greater mastery of technique, musical expression/understanding, increased stylistic precision and imaginative interpretation. What is more, the students made significantly fewer mistakes.

BBC News reported a study that demonstrated how “Neurofeedback helped musicians to improve by an average of 17% - the equivalent of one grade or class honours. Some improved by as much as 50%.”

By participating in this training musicians may:

  • be more attentive during performance
  • maintain attention and focus during non-playing intervals
  • make corrections and technique changes easily
  • be able to consistently manage your physiology, i.e. breathing and muscle tension
  • strategize to develop a pre-performance mental plan
  • be able to attend to the conductor, colleagues, and your own playing without losing the musicality or emotional connection to the selection by shifting your focus as needed, increase musical understanding and increase ability to use imagination
  • enhanced creativity