High Achieving Students - Gifted Kids and Teens

Skill, creativity, and reduction of anxiety are important components to academic performance. These components lend themselves to, being mentally ready and self-confident. As a student, neurofeedback will help you improve the relationship between your mental state and your performance ability thereby helping you to achieve better performance in academics and testing. Neurofeedback teaches you to regulate your thoughts, attention and energy. Your brain will learn to recognize when you are unfocused, overwhelmed, over analyzing and stuck, and train your brain to return to a balanced state.

Neurofeedback for gifted children and teens focuses on helping them to become even more comfortable and competent with their talents. Neurofeedback allows the brain greater flexibility which results in greater self confidence and more emotional resilience.

High achieving students and scholars - gifted children and teens may gain benefits in:

  • ability to move from one task to the next
  • flexibility to move from complete absorption to a wider focus, depending on the need
  • improved performance of tasks
  • better management of emotions
  • increased awareness of themselves and the people around them
  • ability to change from high achievement to relaxation
  • ability to create positive self-talk