Elite, Professional and Young Athletes

Neurofeedback enhances performance by improving your ability to regulate your attention, screen out distraction, and enhance your natural abilities. This approach has been shown to be highly effective in all athletic endeavours from recreational to professional sports. The 2006 World Cup was won by the Italian team who used Neurofeedback as part of their training. Locally, two Canadian medal holding Olympians Alex Bilodeau and Jennifer Heil, also incorporated neurofeedback into training through “Own The Podium”.

Athletes may achieve these results with neurofeedback:

  • improved regulation of attention and arousal
  • improved ability to manage distractions
  • reduction of internal mental chatter
  • more focused ability to learn and practice a skill
  • better energy management during intense training and competition
  • more consistent routines and rituals
  • more consistent mood management
  • reduced number of errors
  • shorter response time
  • enhanced creativity

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