Business Professionals

The "game" of business is very similar to professional athletics in terms of the level of preparation required, the level of stress experienced, and the importance of mastering your mental state. As with professional athletics, resilience and adaptability are critical to the "business athlete".

Mental preparation and self-confidence are as important to performance as your level of skill and training. Jim Loehr, performance psychologist, states that the key to high performance is energy management. When you learn to self-regulate your mind and relax at the appropriate times, you can use your stress to your advantage and build off of the energy.

In addition, many business people find that the training allows them to maintain a clear, focused state which enhances their ability to perceive and act on ideas. Neurofeedback can also dramatically improve communication, presentation, negotiation, and strategic thinking skills.

Business people may gain these benefits:

  • heightened focus and attention
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved skills acquisition and retention
  • increased analytical and creative thinking skills
  • strengthened communication skills
  • improved Memory