Righteous anger is natural and appropriate when someone has been treated unfairly. This anger empowers a person, making it possible to confront the unfair situation and turn things right.

Unfortunately, not all anger is appropriate or well placed. Sometimes people do not know how to recognize other emotions in their lives such as fear. In order to cope with that emotion these people use anger. Other times a person is rightfully angry over one situation, but displaces that emotion by turning the anger onto another situation which does not warrant it. Neurofeedback allows a person to engage the frontal lobe to think more clearly while at the same time, allow for relaxation thereby decreasing intensity of charge emotion. One client commented that now “...the outside world just doesn't seem quite so deserving of my anger”. Perceptions both of ourselves, of the other, and of the situation will have broaden with neurofeedback.

  • better self-control
  • having an increased sense of well-being
  • feeling more comfortable and relaxed
  • ability to focus
  • increased understanding and experience of knowing that feelings aren’t facts
  • increased objectivity
  • increased sense of presence